Photo of all seven items included in the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Education Activity Kit
Colored Pencils Set with Sharpener
Photo of the cover of the book Who Built That? Modern Houses.
Photo of the Alumidrafter, top and bottom
Photo of the top of the pack of Origami Paper
Photo of the cover of the Taliesin West Desert Laboratory guidebook
Photo of the two stickers, one with the Whirling Arrow and "Taliesin West," and one of the dragon and "Taliesin West"

Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Education Activity Kit


The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Education Activity Kit provides a fun way to have Wright-inspired tools and supplies at home for the K-12 Virtual activities offered here in the Virtual Classroom! It’s a fun care package for all of us who love Frank Lloyd Wright, architecture, and design.


The kit includes: two books, Who Built That? Modern Houses and Taliesin West Desert Laboratory Guidebook; a 24-pack of colored pencils with sharpener; a handy Alumidrafter measuring tool featuring an inspiring Wright quote; decorative origami paper; and two stickers representing iconic landmarks found at Taliesin West: the red “Whirling Arrow” logo, and the dragon, fashioned after the beloved fire-breathing sculpture on the property.

Warning: Grown-ups will be tempted to borrow these prized kit supplies too!

1-100810 Colored Pencil Set w/Sharpener 
1-100352 Who Built That? Modern Houses 
1-101129 AlumiDrafter 
1-101897 Origami Paper 
1-101694 Taliesin West Desert Laboratory  (guidebook)
1-102339 Whirling Arrow Sticker 
1-101818 Dragon Sticker