Saguaro Cactus Postcard Set, showing one each of four photos

Saguaro Cactus Postcard Set (Set of 4, 1 of each print)

Andrew Pielage is an architectural and travel photographer based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Internationally published, He has over twenty years of experience doing what he loves -- creating photography by capturing the heart and inspiring the imagination. Born to an adventurous mother and a geologist father, his childhood was spent exploring the backroads of the Southwest. This constant desert travel rooted his artistic soul in classic landscape photography. A few years and many new adventures later, he has grown into creating new progressive ways to capture our world through the camera lens. Pielage has been blessed to photograph some of the best architecture in the world and the most beautifully stunning landscapes on the planet.

Set of four, one of each prin.

A portion of the proceeds from your purchase will support the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation's mission to preserve Taliesin and Taliesin West for future generations, and inspire society through an understanding and experience of Frank Lloyd Wright's ideas, architecture, and design.