Image shows pen with top removed and laying next to it. Color of pen is black background with silver design lines. Fountain pen nib is visible.
Image shows top in place on pen, with silver clip.
Image shows four sides of pen with top in place.
Image shows metal gift case that pen comes in.

Playhouse Black Fountain Pen

"Playhouse Black" Standard Fountain Pen, a design inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, comes from ACME Studio's Standard Ballpoint Pens. The design has silver line work over a black background reminiscent of the windows in the child's playhouse designed by Wright for Avery Coonley in the suburbs of Chicago - representing balloons and confetti in a Fourth of July Parade. Artist's signature is engraved on the cap band and "ACME" is on the clip. The pen is presented in a metal Frank Lloyd Wright tin with a black sleeve and ACME literature.