Exhibition Watch

Was: $125.95
Sale: $82.99
Look the part with this watch manufactured by the Bulova Corporation and adapted from the Exhibition typeface, developed by Mr. Wright in the 1930s for use on exhibition drawings. Each letter was constructed mechanically, using only 45 and 60 degree slant lines and two compass curves.
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Louisville Ky

Not unisex, band was stiff

<p>This watch wasn't stated as men's or women's. I asked customer service about sizing and they said it was "unisex," with the clock face described as 1 1/3 inches around. That may be true of the interior part, but it was bigger than than including the frame. I don't mind a good-sized watch, but it was too big for me. I also was surprised that the band was a stiff leather and didn't conform to my wrist. I expected a nicer band material for this price. A little disappointed. I returned it.</p>