Mahony Window Earrings, navy and light blue enamel accents with clear beads
Mahony Window Earrings, spring green and royal blue accents with sapphire blue beads

Mahony Window Earrings

These earrings are inspired by the stained glass window designed by Marion Mahony for her favorite brother, Gerald Mahony. Marion Mahony was the first woman architect to be licensed in Illinois and the first employee of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Finish: Solid brass, electro-plated with non-tarnishing silver finish, giclee print, hand enameled, glass beads, posts are hypo-allergenic

Dimensions: Hangs approx. 1.75"

Each purchase supports the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation’s mission to inspire people to discover and embrace an architecture for better living through meaningful connections to nature, the arts, and each other.