7ft Bonfire


The Bonfire is the supersized version of our award-winning fireplace design. At 7’ tall, this piece carries a striking presence in your outdoor space, providing a warm and stylish focal...



The Boxfire is an elegant solution to the standard "square" outdoor fireplace. This stately 4 foot wonder will draw you with it's mesmerizing pattern and reward you with generous warmth....

40" Ultrafire


Object, surface, fireplace -- the Ultrafire combines these elements to create a beautiful focal point for your outdoor space. An elegant solution to the standard fire-pit, the Ultrafire inspires your friends...

4ft Tribal Fire


Bring on the night. This Modfire fire pit incorporate sacred geometry to produce a delicate shimmer of radiant light that dazzles the eye and nourishes the soul. It's fire...elevated. Find...

DS Circle Solfire


Solfire's sleek silhouette radiates bold design and draws you in with the perfect paring of light and shadow. A chic, minimal pedestal elevates the fire placing it as a central...

DS 4ft Modfire


This award-winning design takes cues from mod 1960s-futurist rocketships and industrial age smoke stacks. The Modfire is a perfect blend of style and function that compliments and elevates virtually any...