Pawena Summer Planter

Pawena Summer Planter


Pawena was born in the countryside of Thailand surrounded by nature. Her usual day when not in school was playing with the materials she found in nature around her: wooden sticks, clay and mud. 

Pawena began her career studying Industrial Design with a major in Ceramics at KMITL in Bangkok, Thailand. She then moved to the United States and completed an additional undergraduate degree in Graphic Design at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. Since graduating 15 years ago, Pawena has been working full time in the design industry, but has always made sure to find time to make things by hand outside of work to keep her true passion alive, and she had the opportunity to return to her first love of ceramic design with the founding of Pawena Studio in 2015.

Pawena lives and works in Los Angeles with her husband, also a graphic designer, and her two boys.


“I choose a light brown clay body with some texture as my base to represent desert rock and sand and also leave some raw clay body to showcase material. There are 2 color variants which are red, black, brown with red lines ( Summer )  and another is white, brown, black with red lines ( Winter ) which represent the surrounding nature and the Taliesin West building. I want the colors and the design to feel harmony with the surroundings in the Taliesin West.”

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