Taliesin West Zip Sketch Kit, front cover.
Taliesin West Zip Sketch Kit, inside.

Taliesin West Zip Sketch Kit

The Taliesin West Zip Sketch Kit with Whirling Arrow is an all-in-one stationery kit packed with essentials for on-the-go creators. It comes with a notepad, a bookmark, paper airplane, gold pen, gold ruler, and gold paper clips. With a full zipper closure, the Taliesin West Zip Sketch Stationery Kit, is ideal for those who are always running from one place to another and need a place to keep their notes safe!

A portion of the proceeds from your purchase will support the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation's mission to preserve Taliesin and Taliesin West for future generations, and inspire society through an understanding and experience of Frank Lloyd Wright's ideas, architecture, and design.