Heloise Crista - "Vertical Angel" Sculpture

Heloise Crista - "Vertical Angel" Sculpture

"The great traditions suggest that angels wishing to evolve to a higher level of being must first descend and take on human form. Perhaps there are angels that walk among us, working towards this higher purpose. Serving the cosmic wish for higher consciousness is sacred work. Man, also, possesses this possibility, his birthright to serve higher cosmic purpose through his own individual evolution. Who among us is willing to put forth the endless efforts required for this extraordinary work?"  (Heloise Crista)

Limited edition of 10

Dimensions: 19 ½” h x 7” w x 6” d, Base included
Pedestal not included.

Material: Bronze

Heloise Crista joined the Taliesin Fellowship in 1949, not to become an architect, but rather to be in “the atmosphere of such ideas and such people as Mr. and Mrs. Wright and the community of apprentices.” While at Taliesin, Heloise studied dance under Olgivanna and Frank Lloyd Wright’s daughter, Iovanna, and was a respected and extremely talented performer. In addition to dance, Heloise specialized in making highly-decorated, intricate costumes and sets for the performances, known then as “movement performances.” Her performances and creations were influenced by her study of the philosophy of Russian mystic George Gurdjieff, which she continued throughout her life.

Over time, however, Heloise became known for her sculpture, an interest sparked at Taliesin. Her first major work was a bronze bust of Wright, in 1956, which remains on display in the Garden Room at Taliesin West. Her sculptures have been incorporated throughout the campus at Taliesin West— where they continue to inspire visitors—and throughout structures designed by the Taliesin Associated Architects, the architecture firm created by apprentices of Wright, following his passing.

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