Storer House Blocks set, showing blocks and pallet.
Storer House Blocks set, showing blocks and pallet with a U.S. quarter for size comparison.

Storer House Blocks

Frank Lloyd Wright (1867–1959) is recognized world-wide as one of the greatest architects of the twentieth century. His work heralded a new thinking in architecture, using innovation in design and engineering made possible by newly developed technology and materials. His creative ability extended far beyond the border of architecture to graphic design, furniture, art glass, textiles, and decorative elements for the home. A portion of purchase price supports the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation’s work to advance the legacy of America’s greatest architect, including educational programs, scholarship, and the preservation of Taliesin and Taliesin West for future generations.

Mini Materials - 16 pack on Pine Pallet

Dimensions: 1.33” X 1.33” X 0.32” each, 2.75” square pallet

A portion of the proceeds from your purchase will support the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation's mission to preserve Taliesin and Taliesin West for future generations, and inspire society through an understanding and experience of Frank Lloyd Wright's ideas, architecture, and design.