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Spiraling Ramps Men's Sock, blue, side and front.

Spiraling Ramps Men's Sock - Blue

Derived from several of Frank Lloyd Wright's projects, this coaster design is inspired by the spiraling ramps of Wright's circular building designs he created in the last decades of his career. Wright included spiral ramps in several of his unexecuted designs and in three of his built projects: the V.C. Morris Gift Shop, David & Gladys Wright House and, possible his most well-known building, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. At the end of his long life, Wright found it very freeing to work with the nautilus inspired shape.

Sock sizes 10-12
M Shoe Sizes 8-12.5, W Shoe Sizes 10-12.

Made in Colombia

Content: 75% Cotton / 24% Nylon / 1% Spandex