Frank Lloyd Wright Wall Art Set

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A collection of six 8 1/2" by 11" prints featuring quotes by Frank Lloyd Wright illustrated with designs created by Eugene Masselink who, as a student at Taliesin, created many of the presentation drawings and paintings for proposed structures for which Wright was commissioned.


  • Architecture is man?s great sense of himself embodied in a world of his own making. It may rise as high in quality as its source because great art is great life
  • Once organic character is achieved in the work of art, that work is forever. Like sun, moon and stars, great trees, flowers and grass it is and stays on while and wherever man is.
  • All the color and texture the eye has seen all the rhythms the ear has heard all the grace of form the mind may grasp are properties of architecture.
  • Night is but a shadow cast by the sun. The ever moving infinite that divides yesterday from tomorrow is till the present.
  • A man is wise from within? and from that within comes this mystical quality of the human soul which we call wisdom.
  • What a man does-that he has. You may find other things on him but they are not his.